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Marathon Runners

The Marsau & Latisha Scott Foundation is hosting its inaugural Destiny Race 5K, in Fall 2024. Giving away a total of $5000 cash to help individuals pursue their destiny. More details coming soon! 


Sometimes people wait a lifetime for what they feel is a MOMENT IN TIME while failing to realize that the only moment they will ever control is NOW. The goal of the Destiny Race is to inspire individuals to pursue their destiny by identifying a definite purpose and actively pursuing it NOW; the only moment in time we can ever have. Just as a runner pursues the finish line, we all can pursue our dream by identifying it and making it visible in our mind’s eye.  As we run we imagine ourselves crossing the finish line, achieving our goals, Racing with Destiny. We begin placing our minds in in proper control of our bodies and forcing ourselves to do what we must to achieve the success we desire.

To enter, racers must register and submit a brief statement of their major purpose in life and what they intend to give up for it. One must have a definite goal if s/he ever wishes to reach it. Once submitted this, along with a wooden stake, will become a part of the race day package. On race day the runner will attach the printed statement of purpose to the wooden stake and place the stake in the ground at a designated area near the finish line which will become their own personal finishing point. We may all be on the same road, but we all have a different Destiny. The winner of the $2500 cash grand prize will be selected based on two criteria; the submission of requested prerequisites and complete their race. Essentially, the Destiny Race is about the pursuit of individual goals; the sacrifice and the achievement of a specific goal in hopes that this imagination can be realized in their lives.


“You’re a WINNER for a lifetime if you seize that Moment In Time… Make it SHINE”

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